Saturday, April 07, 2007

Day 97: Hot Yoga

The day started out with early morning leg shaving, since I forgot the day before. My friend Heather and I hit the yoga studio for Hot Yoga, one of their many classes. It’s scheduled to be 1-1/2 hours long, so I was ready to dread it absolutely. I wore layers. Lots of layers. It’s only 20-odd degrees out today and the classroom was over 100, so it was an interesting dilemma deciding what to wear. However, if you like doing yoga while wearing a girdle, you should try this instead. I only left the classroom once because I had to breathe, and it honestly felt hard to do so inside. I have never worked out to the point where I was dripping sweat into my eyes, but today was the day for that. The actual workout part wasn’t that hard, but I was incredibly hot. It may have even helped my balance, however. The point of hot yoga is that the heat helps your muscles stretch and flex more easily, and the slothful pace of the yoga was appropriate to the heat. The trouble I find with any type of yoga class is that you end in such a relaxing fashion that it’s difficult to remember how horrible the class actually was. By the time I leave, I’m cool and calm, totally relaxed. But Heather and I grabbed a coffee on the way home, and I had to tell her that I won’t be going again. Any other kind, my friend, ANY other kind.

Today I hosted a post-church potluck, which of the many invited only six were able to come, and it turned out to be mostly vegetarian. Okay, to clarify I wasn’t sure whether George and I were going out of town this weekend and so the invitations weren’t sent out until Thursday evening when someone prompted me about it. So it’s my own fault the turnout was low. One couple brought fried chicken, but we had plenty of veggies, dips, desserts and drinks to outweigh that, although George happily partook. It did smell great, honestly. But my friend Kari brought amazing spinach and artichoke dip that I really need the recipe for. I’ve stopped making mine because there’s so much garlic in it — which is great if you’re staying in for the evening — that I can’t handle my own breath afterwards. Oh, but it’s delicious. I’m going to ask her for that. She also is on a diet diet, so she didn’t bring bread to dip in it, just a huge tray of veggies. That was a big plus.

I made a soup, thinking that if more people came, I’d just have smaller servings. I wanted to make tortellini and bought some of those deli fresh cheese ones in the plastic packages. I added garlic, onion, mushrooms, diced tomatoes and lentils along with my broth, and it turned out pretty good. I only cooked it for an hour before adding the tortellini. I think if I’d started earlier it would have had an even better flavor. I was going to add northern beans instead but didn’t know if they’d cook well so I went with the lentils. I’ll probably make it again sometime. George liked it and I served it with grated parmesan to ensure he would. Very sneaky of me but it works.

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