Sunday, April 08, 2007

Day 98: Lazy

This was one of my laziest days to date.

We started out eating Easter Brunch at Abrusci’s with our neighbors. The brunch had pasta and omelet stations where chefs cooked your food with your choice of ingredients. It was hard to overlook the bacon, chicken and prosciutto options in my pesto pasta with artichokes and basil, but then I added olives at the last minute for a meatier taste and it turned out really good. The chef, of his own accord but with no protest from me, added cream sauce on top of the pesto and the combination was — I cannot stress this enough — wonderful. Not so good for you, but tasted so great. They also had four huge and creative salads, plates of appetizers, carved meats, and some of the more popular chicken and beef dishes alongside the traditional French toast, potato and egg dishes. The single bad thing with the entire spread was the unripe fruit they used on their fruit tray. I’m not sure why it’s popular to do so, but just choosing a fruit for color without regard to edibility should be banned. Yes, the kiwi added a vibrant green that would have otherwise been missing. However, I left tooth marks in mine and couldn’t bite an edge off. Not worth the pretty.

After brunch, I began my reading then napping then reading afternoon, which lasted until about four o’clock. I ran a few errands, grabbed groceries, and came home to watch movies all evening until now. We’ve watched “Camp” and part of the first “Blade” movie, then we started something else but I saw “America’s Next Top Model” was coming on, followed by “The Apprentice: Los Angeles.” I tormented G with the Donald, which I haven’t been following, but I get sucked in when they’re marketing tasks. Frankly, as I’m sitting here watching “Everybody Loves Raymond,” I’m feeling pretty good about my level of relaxation today. Who needs yoga?

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