Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Day 108: Karma Restaurant

Workouts. . .
30 min. bike ride; 20 min. walk with dog

On recommendation from a website, a friend and I met for lunch today at Karma, a small organic restaurant in the Highlands neighborhood billing themselves as the “first café in the Denver area to serve live, raw foods.” They serve organic dairy and a vegetarian menu, with plenty of delicious vegan options as well. I got a Parvati sandwich, which was a pita filled with greek salad and goddess dressing. The salad of the day, served alongside, was a kale mixture with walnuts, apples, and a peanut-y dressing. We tasted some other things in the salad, but we honestly couldn’t tell what they were. It was not my favorite salad, but I also wasn’t inclined to eat more salad when my entrée was a pita of salad. Anyway, I also got a homemade samosa on the side. My friend got a whole plate of samosas with a side salad, and the samosas were delicious. Their raita was just tangy enough with the dill they used to be a delicious accent, and the crisp flatbread melted away to a yummy mashed potato-carrot-pea-onion filling. I really enjoyed this meal and saw enough items on their regular menu — and also on their daily specials menu — to keep me coming back. The pastry of the day was a vegan apple cake. I did not eat it because I was stuffed, but I would return just to try that. It looked amazing. I definitely recommend this eatery to any burgeoning vegetarian or vegan.

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