Monday, April 16, 2007

Day 106: BEST Salad for Spring

Today, in a feat of accidental splendiferousness, I created the perfect spring salad. I always seem to stumble on my spring salad and then eat it for weeks nonstop. I’m ready to crown this princess for Spring ’07! When I hit the grocery store yesterday, they had kumquats for some reason. In a bulk bin, no less. I grabbed a few handfuls because I love the little things. Today as I was looking for a salad option to go along with my leftover pizza, I remembered I had them. The recipe that follows is an amazing accident that I will be recreating time and again. Starting with dinnertime. . . .

Arugula & Kumquat Salad for One

2 handfuls fresh arugula, torn to bite-size pieces
4 kumquats, sliced
2 T roasted soy beans (with or without salt)
1 tsp toasted sunflower seeds (optional)
1 T poppyseed dressing

Toss and eat. Yummmmmmy.

On a side note, last night and today I spent probably an hour logging my 12-week triathlon training program into my calendar. It took some serious effort, and I’m overwhelmed by the amount of training I will put in over the course of the 12 weeks. I’m also a little afraid about where my vacation time will fall and how I’ll plan for that. I mean, it’s not as though I actually signed up for anything, but if I stop at some point, who’s to say I’ll start again if not properly motivated. Indeed.

If you’ll permit a brief aside here, read on. Upon finishing my training calendar this morning, imagine my surprise when I arrived at my afternoon freelance interview was for a company in Boulder that produces a magazine entitled Triathlon. No lie. I have the weirdest life. End aside.

So today is my “off” day from training, which starts tomorrow. I figure I will start out putting in about 4 hours of training per week, and by the end I’ll be up to 8-9 hours/week, not including traveling time or prep. This is going to be a rather large endeavor, which I did not foresee when I abruptly decided to do it. I’m not that excited, truthfully, but I’m sure it’ll be good for me. As I’ve said before, I need to have goals.

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