Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Day 73: Lime

Lime, in Larimer Square, is a Mexican cantina that serves a ton of great vegetarian options. I ordered the appetizer portion of their sweet corn tamale plate, which came with a pool of sour cream and a little dish of green chile. I thought the tamales were even better spooned with Lime’s salsa, which is riddled with garlic, onions and a nice level of medium heat. One of my sister’s enjoyed the Black Bean Soup, a smooth and deep vegetarian puree with chunks of black beans. I adore Lime’s tortilla chips, fresh and spicy from the deep fryer, with sprinkles of salt and chili powder. They’re perfect. The problem with perfect is that I chomped easily through my share of two baskets, loaded with plenty of salsa. I hadn’t been to Lime in over a year, and I noticed that their menu held many more veggie options than previously. They even have veggie fajitas with squash and zucchini. I wish I had been hungry enough to order a full plate. Next time. . . .

What I ate today. . .
6:30 am – banana
9 am – 3/4 of a classic coffee cake, shot of espresso over 1 tsp raw sugar and 2 T whipping cream, quarter cup of a double tall 2% white mocha (no whip)
10:45 am – grande coffee frappuccino with 1 T peanut butter (no whip)
1 pm – half a Chipotle veggie burrito with guacamole and black beans
3 pm – half a cranberry scone
6:30 pm – two sweet corn tamales, TONS of fresh tortilla chips and salsa, 1 T guacamole and 2 T sour cream, 1/4 c. Spanish rice
9 pm – mint tea

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