Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Day 71

Workouts. . .
I didn’t do anything today that really counts as a workout except hanging the damn shower door downstairs.

Day one of the parental invasion, which always means that the house is lush with fatty foods. I think it’s illegal for parents to visit without filling the fridge with crap. George’s parents go on doughnut and danish runs, while mine fill the counters with crusty artisan breads and cookies. Either way sucks. I guess it’s good that they each have their own thing, though sometimes my parents will also grab doughnuts and then I’m screwed because they know which ones I like. For today, I am temporarily safe because the parents are staying up the hill with my sister for the night. That means they’ll hopefully leave some of their booty there when they make the house swap. I’m not looking forward to seeing what else they’ll bring. It’s nearly summer, so it’s bound to be bad for you.

My mom has a history of bringing things. In winter, it’s great because somehow she orders boxes of citrus that are a thousand times better than grocery store varieties. So when we see her, there’s a big bag of grapefruit and oranges for us to spend a week or two eating. It’s great. In the fall, she usually brings peaches and applesauce that she canned herself. But in between those times, we have to worry.

I'm surprised that I didn't have a big headache at night since I hadn't had caffeine in so long. I'm getting addicted!

What I ate today. . .
4:30 am – cup of oatmeal with apple bits and brown sugar
7 am – two sips each of a new coffee and black tea (gross), 1/4 c. of black tea with 1 p vanilla and nonfat milk
9 am – iced venti 2% chai and a shot of espresso over 2 T whipping cream and tsp raw sugar (didn’t drink it all)
10:30 am – meatless salami sandwich with 2 T farmer’s cheese on whole wheat bread, 1/3 of a maple-walnut scone, four bites of cold Sabbath roast that I seem to find so appealing out of the fridge
3 pm – another quarter of a scone when my parents wanted a snack (they didn’t force me to snack with them, and yet. .. . )
7:30 pm – two slices (mine plus most of George’s) mom’s cottage cheese loaf, a medium baked potato with 2pats butter and 1/2 c. mixed vegetables

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