Sunday, February 18, 2007

Day 49: Cous! cous! Raise the roof. . .

Workouts. . .
15 minutes of yoga, including really hard headstands. Ouch. 25 minutes walking with the dog.

Today I finally made that farmer’s cheese recipe from Viana la Place that I posted a few days ago. It was really good! I’ve never had farmer’s cheese before, and it tasted like a milder form of goat cheese, not quite as tangy or salty. George really liked it, even after he realized I put chives in it, and so we’ll probably get it again.

We ate the ciabatta along with this couscous salad recipe that I made, inspired by a story in the January/February issue of Health magazine (recipe follows). I didn’t have the whole wheat couscous they recommended, so I used a mushroom mix that I’ve had in the closet for a while. I usually enjoy it plain on the side of something else, but today it was the main event. If I made this again, as you’ll see below, I’d substitute for plain couscous at the very least. The mix was salty and then adding the feta made it slightly too salty, still edible but not ideal. Just making it with plain couscous would be a perfect reduction in salt content. I’m definitely making this recipe again as well. It was a perfect light dinner, with our farmer’s cheese toasts, and yet heavy enough to keep us from snacking all evening.

Greek Couscous Salad
1 box instant couscous, unflavored
1 tomato, diced, or two handfuls halved cherry tomatoes
2 handfuls of olives, kalamata or your favorite
1/2 cucumber, sliced
1 cup chickpeas, drained and rinsed
2 handfuls crumbled feta cheese
3 T your favorite vinaigrette (I used Garlic Expressions)

Make couscous according to instructions on the box. When it’s done, arrange the rest of the salad ingredients over top of it, and sprinkle vinaigrette on everything. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve.

What I ate today. . .
Tea, leftover challah French toast stuff with syrup; I think 3 slices of cinnamon bread (bad to have this stuff lying around) at different points in the day; 2 veggie Chipotle crispy tacos & a few handfuls of their chips with some guacamole; couscous salad and farmer’s cheese with 2 slices ciabatta.

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