Sunday, February 18, 2007

Organic Comparison

I did a little reconnaissance today at Target, comparing organic prices to regular priced items. I noticed that Target has introduced its own line of organic dairy. Interesting. And competitively priced with the other organic dairy it sells. Here’s what I found out:

One dozen eggs. . .
Target organic, free-range eggs: $2.99
Organic, cage-free, grain-fed eggs: $1.84
Regular brand eggs: $1.87

One quart of milk. . . .
Target brand organic: $2.69
Horizon organic: $2.94
Regular milk: $2.19

One gallon of milk. . .
Horizon organic: $5.20
Regular milk: $3.79

Because I’m addicted to the taste of Horizon milk, I’ll probably continue getting that. It’s also something I can purchase when shopping at Target and at the regular grocery stores and specialty food stores, so I like that kind of consistency. However, it’s painful to see that I’m spending another 75 cents over regular milk each week, which adds up to $39/year. I’m a coupon clipper, so that’s painful when I’m cutting out bits of paper to save 10 cents on something else. I’m not sold on a particular brand of organic eggs yet, so we’ll see how that pans out. But Target’s free-range eggs are cheaper than the free-range organic version at King Sooper’s by about 20 cents. That’s nice to keep in mind.

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