Friday, January 05, 2007

Day 5(a)

I think now that breakfasts are going to be relatively easy. I’m fine with plain eggs and I do actually really like the veggie sausage and patties that Morningstar Farms sells. While there’s no substitute for bacon, I really don’t so much put it IN anything for breakfast as just eat gobs of it alongside my eggs. But I think it will be fine, generally speaking. I mostly eat toast with peanut butter or a granola with berries, so I’m not missing meat during the breakfast hours.

The rest of the day, however, is when the hunger for protein kicks in. I haven’t learned yet how to substitute good proteins for meat, so I’m filling up sometimes on cheese alone (not good) or using a large whole milk drink to fulfill the protein quota (also not good, fat-wise, and it adds a ton of sugar to my diet). I think when grocery time comes around for next week, I’m going to grab some yogurt for snacking. It’s lower in fat than the string cheeses I keep eating, and definitely lower than the smoked gouda and extra-sharp cheddars that I adore. It’s going to be a problem eventually, because I’m hungry already but I ate a ton of calories. I don’t really need to gain weight during this experiment (at all), but I’m also not sure that I could handle the direct segway into tofu substitutes. I think next week I’ll try shopping for several different products to test out. This week was all about just eating without the meat, and so far it’s going okay.

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