Friday, January 05, 2007


During the afternoon, I was forced to endure several temptations. You should know that I have one vegetarian sibling and another meat-eating sibling, both sisters. The meat eater is staying at our house on her break from college. The vegetarian, who is wholly supportive of my efforts to join her, lives about fifteen miles from me. I see her and her carnivorous husband frequently, as he and my husband are best friends. I know, it’s weird. But it’s nice when family gets along so well, and I’ve stopped questioning the oddities of the universe. Anyway, vegetarian sister brought me my first veggie tacos from Chipotle, and I have to say that she did a wonderful job with them. Rice, beans, cheese, sour cream, pico de gallo and lettuce wrapped up in a crispy shell with a side of guacamole. We split an order and it turned out to be okay. I was glad I didn’t have to pick them up myself and pass the tasty chicken next to them.

I was pleased to have eaten something before we headed out to shop, because that food court odor wafted all around the mall and would have killed me if I had been starving.

One of my biggest fears right now is eating meat by complete accident. It’s so ingrained in me to just grab it, either from the fridge or at a restaurant, that I’m afraid I’ll eat it and not even realize what I’ve done, until later that is. I’ve almost done it already, reaching to try my husband’s food and then quickly pulling my hand back when he looked at me quizzically.

Anyway, after a full afternoon of shopping, we three sisters were ordered to grab take-out on our way up to watch Thursday evening television. Panda Express was suggested, which poses the orange chicken dilemma as they hand it straight to you on toothpicks when you walk in and declining a free, steaming piece of that deliciously fried food is difficult — especially when you’re starving as I was. Fortunately, PE is right next to Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli, and they have some delicious sandwiches and homemade bread. I decided to go there instead. My sister was nice enough to purchase some Panda chicken for George, while I tried to decide between the #5 and the #8 veggie sandwiches. My eyes kept wandering down to the #17 (Cajun Turkey with avocado) and the #13 (BLT with avocado). I sensed that perhaps I was just looking for avocado, and got the #5 instead. When I unwrapped the giant ciabatta sandwich slathered with avocado and cream cheese and loaded with sprouts, onion, banana peppers, tomato and lettuce, I was disappointed. I know. It sounds delicious. But there’s something about a late-night take-out run that ends with bacon that just makes the world okay. And now it wasn’t. To comfort myself, I ended up eating the entire sandwich. If you’ve ever been to Heidi’s, you know just how huge that is. I felt bloated and uncomfortable the rest of the night and wasn’t able to properly enjoy “The Office.” I think I’ll have to watch it again today. I appreciate the DVR more and more these days.

What I ate today. . .
Leftover cottage cheese loaf for breakfast with coffee laced with milk and a squirt of vanilla syrup (thanks, Starbucks), a caramel and peanut apple from the mall’s candy shop, 1 and a half vegetarian tacos, a handful of corn ships and few bites of guacamole, the entire giant #5 sandwich from Heidi’s with a pickle spear and 1/2 oz. potato chips

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