Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Day 23

What I ate today. . .
At 4 a.m., homemade 2% chai, cherry yogurt and a vitamin; brewed tea w/ 1/2 c. 2%; one leftover mushroom-ricotta stuffed manicotti with cream sauce, 1 c. pineapple; most of a triple grande iced caramel macchiato; double tall white mocha with raspberry; two Taco Bell tostadas and a side of fiesta potatoes, no onions.

George was pleased today because the Taco Bell arrangement suited him pretty well, what with the meaty #4 awaiting him for dinner. It was probably a welcome break, especially since I had planned an experiment with fake sausage. It will only be put off for one more day. . . . I win in the end!

I worked today and failed again in my planning for mealtimes. I snacked on some leftover manicotti-type stuff before leaving, but it was too early and I worked too long. I drank most of a triple caramel macchiato, iced, 2%, and then the jitters set in. In a few hours, I was so hungry that I ended up stealing a scone from our wrapped donation pile. I scarfed most of it down between cleaning tasks, but it didn’t seem to help. And I was supposed to grocery shop after work, but I was so hungry I wanted to cry. So I ended up making my Taco Bell run instead of a grocery store run. Tomorrow I’ll be back on the veggie recipe testing.

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