Monday, January 22, 2007

Day 22

What I ate today. . .
2090 calories of stuff. Way, way too much, apparently. At least over my caloric goal of 1812 calories per day. According to my new diet guide, only 11% of my diet can be attributed to protein today, which is sad. Here’s what I ate: chai w/ 1 c. 2%, wheat toast with 1 T peanut butter; slice cinnamon bread & grande chai from the professionals; slice of wheat toast with parmesan-ranch chik patty, sautéed onions, sliced tomato & a ketchup-mayo mix, 1 c. leftover green beans; 1 c. blueberries for my snack; dinner was leftover risotto rolled in a breading mixture and fried (yummy!), on top of spaghetti with marinara; after the gym I ate half a pear.

Today was a logistical nightmare when it came to food planning. First of all, I had this genius idea that I should get up at 4 a.m. to write my novel, being it’s all quiet and scary dark, etc. So my first day of that trial was this morning. I got up and finagled some chai out of the cupboard and together, and by the time I actually started writing I did accomplish a great deal. However, I ended up going back to bed around 6:30 a.m. instead of heading to the gym like my plan detailed. Then I woke up at 8, freaking out because I had an interview at 10 a.m. I returned around 11:30, having eaten my snack at the interview, which was held at Starbucks. Hooray! I had to finish a web project and then made lunch. I was supposed to go the grocery store at that point, but I found myself completely falling asleep at my desk. I made some black tea, but forgot about it completely and decided to nap. I set my alarm judiciously for twenty minutes. When it went off, I swear, I had every intention of getting up and plugging away again, and then the cat jumped onto my back and fell asleep. If you have pets, you know that it’s sometimes highly aggravating, but — and I assume it’s also this way with children — when they’re cuddly and asleep, all is forgiveable. Anyway, she slept on me, and I didn’t want to move her so I ended up falling asleep again. Dog on the left, cat on my back. Woke up the second time sort-of kinked. And it was too late to grab groceries, so I made up a dinner item out of leftovers that we had already. Fried risotto ended up being incredibly comforting and oozy and good. I ate a few too many of them, doused with marinara. Then I tried to read my book club book to catch up (last month I did not finish the prescribed reading and was embarrassed as I had just joined), and then it was time for the gym. It was one of those weird days where you just feel harried and there’s a naggling feeling of something important being misplaced or forgotten.

Workouts. . .
334 calories worth of running and weight lifting, including my mile-long sprint recoveries where I ran up to 8.5 mph, plus a slow 10-minute mile and 30 combined minutes of ab training, walking and weights.

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