Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hummus & Veggie Wrap (Winter)

Lunch this week feels particularly inspired. I eat these wraps in phases, basically remembering them when I'm tired of dipping carrots into my hummus. But lately, I also have homegrown alfalfa sprouts kicking me to use them. To me, this combination of veggies has it all: spice, texture variety, saltiness and crunch. But you could put anything you want in a wrap. That's the beauty of it.

Hummus & Veggie Wrap

1 wrap or burrito-sized tortilla, or two smaller tortillas
2 T hummus, any variety you like
2 cups lettuce leaves or sprouts or mixture of both
1 sliced artichoke heart
4-5 chopped kalamata olives
a small handful of red onion or shallot slices
1 T crumbled feta

Build the wrap by smearing your tortilla with hummus first, then layering the rest of your ingredients over it. Stop to admire your work. Wrap the tortilla up and slice in half. Keep a napkin close by while you're snarfing it down.

In case you're wondering, the summer variety of this wrap includes cucumbers and tomatoes, rather than olives and artichokes. But in winter, as you know, fresh ingredients are difficult to come by. I had to make a winter variation to keep myself enthused about sandwiches this season, and the artichokes and olives do a great job of letting me forget.

Have you ever grown alfalfa sprouts? It makes you feel summery and gardeny without dirty fingernails, and it's perfectly easy to do. They grow in a jar on your countertop. Just buy one of these lids (see photo, right) to go on top of any wide-mouthed canning jar or cover your jar with a clean section of pantyhose, then buy a few tablespoons of sprouts at your co-op or bulk foods store. The lid costs about$4, if you go that route, and the seeds cost 50 cents and will last you for months. Read this how-to and you're off. I have mixed sprouts, lentils sprouts and more. Yum.


Sara said...

i have been trying to think of new lunches to pack for work. I love this! I am tired of my same old salad, so maybe they'll seem new if i put them in a tortilla!

The Ordinary Vegetarian said...

This looks outrageously good.. Artichokes, how I love thee!


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