Thursday, May 10, 2007

Day 131: Post on Compost

Workouts. . .
30 min. walk with the dog and George

Today I grabbed a library book on whim about composting, called “Compost: The Natural Way to Make Food for Your Garden” by Ken Thompson. It’s a great, easy read about how to get started composting, free of preaching and doomsday guilt. Aside from practical advice about composting and complete honesty about the pitfalls, Thompson covers creating homemade bins, including one from used tires. I’m completely intrigued and, actually, excited to start a bin after reading this book. Previously, I’d glossed over an article in Martha Stewart Living because it advised keeping this wormy treat right in the kitchen. I couldn’t imagine having the creepy worms snuggling in beneath my sink. Even if it’s mildly inconvenient, I’d much rather make a trip out back and know that the creepy crawlies are living in nature instead.

Aside from that tidbit, just a ton of work today. Grabbed leftovers for lunch and the stir-fry is even better. The peanut butter cabbage salad isn’t as great on the second day. Hmmm. I’d advise making only enough for the current day and then add dressing to the remaining servings as you’re ready to eat them.

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