Monday, April 30, 2007

Day 120: Gnocchi

Stressful day at work equals comfort food dinner. I baked frozen gnocchi with marinara and smothered it in mozzarella. Then I re-created my kumquat salad with fresh snap peas, which George loved. Then we snacked on plain toasted soy nuts. They’re just so good! I’m addicted.

I picked up some xantham gum today at Vitamin Cottage. It was kind-of expensive, I thought, for such a random ingredient. Cost me $3 something for a packet that fits in my palm. I was good, though, while shopping, and didn’t buy a bunch of veggie food because we have a fridge full of food to eat. Pretty proud of that fact. Instead, I’ve been snacking on cinnamon bread that I froze after last month’s double loaf bake. Delicious!

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