Sunday, April 29, 2007

Day 119: Just Another Sunday

Workouts. . .
2 hours painting the entry to our house; 30 min. walk with the dog

I pre-made several things for my busy week that I think will turn out to be great starters. First, hummus, a huge favorite that I haven’t had in ages. I bought red peppers, carrots, radishes and garlic-roasted pita chips for dipping. I’ve been really into wheat pretzels dipped in peanut butter. Those are great, but I thought the hummus would help space it out. For salads, I made a cole slaw with apples, yogurt, apple cider vinegar, Dijon mustard and a squirt of mayo. I split it into several containers for quick grabs during the week. I also bought more of those delicious soy beans for my kumquat salad and to eat plain. I pre-made a baked pasta dinner for George to throw in while I’m driving home from Louisville and soaked my lentils for that salad recipe I’m determined to actually make this week.

I have done a horrible job training for my triathlon. I’ve skipped a ton of dates, so I’m not even sure how far I’ve come in the program anymore. But I’m back to trying this week, including tomorrow’s after-work swim. Wish me luck!

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