Friday, April 20, 2007

Day 110: Dog Walking Tally

Workouts. . .
30 min. run (3 miles), plus warmup walk & stretch; 20 min. walk with the dog

Today I drove up to Louisville for an onsite job at a creative agency. It was a really small place, so I ended up skipping lunch because it would’ve been weird bringing one (didn’t know what they had available anyway and didn’t want to be the one filling a place up with odd smells) and then there wasn’t a good time to head out and buy lunch. Anyway, if I go again, I’ll definitely hit up one of their restaurants downtown, which included a Pasquini’s. I did grab a coffee between projects across the street at Rose Café, where they had amazing chai and steamed the milk with caramel. Plus, I arrived in time to order a fresh scone baked with ricotta and apricot jam. It melted in my mouth and left just the right amount of butter grease on the paper bag they wrapped it in. I’d definitely go there again.

I was also impressed with myself this week after tallying my walking miles. I’ve been wearing the pedometer to walk Poppy each day. We go different routes, never planned, sometimes long and sometimes really quick. But one full week’s worth of walks ended up being 17,775 steps — almost nine miles! It’s not much time out of my day but it really adds up. No wonder I’m so much skinnier in summer.

So a friend recommended a website the other day, dedicated to vegetarian restaurants. Not only was Karma listed on it, but a few more Denver options than I knew were available. Check out theHappy Cow , where you can locate veg restaurants all around the world. As far as Denver goes, I’ve only been to two of the restaurants (I should mention that I am discounting Noodles & Co. as a restaurant). The other restaurant I’ve been to, several times, is Watercourse Foods. Years ago, I worked with a vegan friend who insisted we eat there whenever we were in the neighborhood. She adored their teriyaki tempeh burger, and I had to admit it was pretty good. I’d never eaten tempeh before, and this was a great first try. But what I liked about the café was that they always have a daily special that’s so creative. Now I’m looking forward to a few more restaurants, including the Mercury Café, Kates on 35th, Rosewood Café, and Govinda Café (I love Indian food!).

Tonight we’re headed out to Macaroni Grill with my sister and her hubby. We have a gift card. I’m excited to eat their bread, which if I knew how to make it would be constantly on hand at my house. Good thing I don’t, I guess. The best thing about Macaroni Grill is that you can make your own stuff, so you don’t have to scour the menu for veggie stuff or, even worse, ask the waiter what they have for vegetarians. I always feel like a pest when I have to do that. Now I don’t, and I just got back from a pretty long walk, so I’m definitely ready to eat!

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