Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Day 100!

Workouts. . .
60 min. vinyasa yoga session

So, 100 days today. Seems like a lot, and yet I have made some serious progress. I have several vegetarian friends who are encouraging me and sharing recipes. While one is long distance, it’s still good to know where I can turn for an eHug. She’s also the one who clued me into some of the veggie websites with recipes and tips, especially for supplements and vitamins, and, my first subscription of the year, VegNews. A big thank-you to her (she knows who she is) and also to my mom, who’s been surprisingly supportive — even shopping with me when she visited and purchasing soy products. And the biggest thanks of all to George, who hasn’t given up on me yet, though he often asks if I’d like a chicken wing. In point of fact, I wouldn’t. I couldn’t have said that in complete truth two months ago.

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