Saturday, March 10, 2007

You're Killing Me, Peter

The peanut butter recall is bumming me out. For ever and ever, Peter Pan has been my brand of PB. I’ve even converted co-workers to loving it, and forced George into declaring it his favorite by default, since I buy nothing else. After tossing my last two jars in the trash following the dreaded 2111 numbers appearing on the tops, I hit the stores to replace them. To my shock, the first store had absolutely no peanut butter at all. I was unprepared for this, and accidentally purchased my english muffins anyway, not thinking that I wouldn’t be eating them plain. Yesterday I hit Target for a few things and stumbled into their peanut butter aisle too. There were vast empty spaces that I know held Peter Pan, but also there were more spaces. Were more brands recalled that I’m unaware of? Anyway, it took me fifteen minutes to choose another type of replacement butter, and after all the decision-making factors (like ingredients and whether it says “spread” on the label) were considered, I went home with a Target brand that says “organic” on the label. Not good. I sprinkled sugar over it today to make it somewhat sweeter, but it still manages to have that mouth-drying effect I hate so much. I’m hopeful that my dear Peter will be back soon to rescue me.

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