Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Day 80: Filled with disappointments. . .

Workouts. . .
10 min. stretching, 25 min run/walk (2.4 miles)

I am exhausted today. After working four mornings in a row, I slept thru my alarm. Oops. I needed to be at work by 4:30 a.m., and I finally noted the time at 4:32 a.m. I brushed my teeth and left, putting my hair up in the Starbucks bathroom. So the day didn’t start out well and I never quite caught up with myself. When the shift was over, I sat chatting with a guy who might have design work for me. Then I got home and realized I have a huge pimple on my head. Yep, white head and everything. Poor guy was probably trying not to stare at it, and I’m sure he’ll come in tomorrow while I’m working too.

I thought going for a run would help me clear my head, which it did temporarily. But I started out running uphill, and that sometimes gives me asthma. I coughed for a while afterwards and still have a sore throat eight hours later. Or maybe I’m getting a cold. I already know I’m PMSing. Best day EVER.

After my Boulder interview, I headed over to the Co-op I’ve heard so much about and found it disappointing. Most of the shelves were empty. I read in their email newsletter that they’re having trouble making rent, so maybe they can’t afford to stock. But I wasn’t impressed regardless. I’m still going to try visiting the Denver one, which hopefully remains in business. Is it a coincidence that both co-ops are on streets by the name of Pearl? Hmm. What I got there was four small red onions, three pretty-looking apples, two roma tomatoes that smelled garden-fresh, and a small bundle of raw onion bread. The onion bread is the dried kind that the raw food people advocate, and it’s definitely onion-y. It wasn’t horrible, but it’s really strong. I’m not sure what all’s in it either. It looks like a cracker. I’ll take a picture later.

Let’s see. . . . something good that happened. Oh, our tips went up to $2/hour, so I got $40 today from last week. That was a nice surprise, nearly ten dollars more than last week. And having a little pocket money made it easier to pay for the crisp, organic apples I did buy at the co-op. I ate one tonight, and it was good.

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