Tuesday, February 06, 2007

February Check-in

Weight:147 (on period)
Exercise habits: Weekly pilates class, punctuated by occasional trips to the gym. Have begun running at the gym once/week, slowly and lazily. Also started doing yoga for 10 minutes occasionally thru the day, concentrated mostly in the mornings.
Eating habits: Getting better with meal planning and George hasn’t complained about food choice yet — which means I mix it up okay, I’m trying lots of new things but haven’t found really amazing replacements yet, have limited the amount of drinks during a shift at Starbucks to two (working my way down to one) and have begun bringing small snacks to work so that I don’t eat what’s available there.

I’ve been looking at my overall health lately and determining that this little bout of depression is probably fixable. For example, in the summer when I run nearly every day, I feel better about myself, more in control of my choices food-wise and work-wise. Now, at the peak of my winter laziness, I’m in a huge workout slump, going maybe twice/week but usually once. And it’s affecting both what I eat and how I feel about myself in all areas of life.

Recently, I’ve been turned down for several jobs that I’ve had really great interviews for. It’s a bit shocking to me, as I interview rather well and I’ve been completely qualified — if not overqualified — for the positions. It makes me want comfort food, and for me that means things like greasy fried chicken and mashed potatoes, giant breakfast burritos loaded with bacon, cheese and green chili, and biscuits and gravy. Basically, anything really savory and super-filling with bad, bad things for you to eat, especially when you’re trying to be motivated to work out. But yummy, those things sound good.

Anyway, to combat these feelings and cravings, I do indulge in small ways — bites of chocolate, pieces of homemade cake, taco dip loaded with guacamole, creating a sugar float in my oatmeal, etc. But I’ve decided to also start adding a morning stretch into my routine. I think the extra yoga moves not only wake me up faster, they get my blood pumping and make me more motivated for the day. I remember working out in the summer each morning and how it made me feel strong and warm the rest of the day. Plus I could concentrate better and I had good color in my face all the time. Hopefully my morning yoga poses will pave the way for me to get back into running immediately when the weather turns nice. Today it’s supposed to be 60 degrees outside, so I’m definitely taking the dog for a long, brisk walk.

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