Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Day 52: House of Commons

Workouts. . .
10 minutes yoga

I went on a bit of a shopping expedition today, Vitamin Cottage revisited. I had to compare several organic brands I’ve seen everywhere. Of course, I don’t have any of the pricing on me now that I’m ready to blog. Tomorrow, then.

Today I went to lunch at House of Commons with some friends, one of whom is vegetarian. We split a couple of veggie sandwiches to get to try more, and decided that Branston pickle is not for us. Apparently, Branston is a common British relish used on sandwiches and all kinds of junk. I read the label of a bottle they were selling in the store and found it has all kinds of pickled vegetables, like carrots, rutabagas, onions, and more. It basically read like a produce trash bin, and I’ve decided that’s all it is — odds and ends that people started pickling to keep from tossing them. Anyway, it’s like a pickle in spice, but then there’s a sweet-tart balsamic-tasting flavor that hits the back of your cheeks. It wasn’t good on its own at all, but a little on bread wasn’t horrible. I wouldn’t eat it again and definitely am not purchasing it.

So my veggie friend ran to Vitamin Cottage with me and ended up persuading me to buy some PVC or PTV or something made of soy that I’ll have to reconstitute in water before eating. I was worried about it, but when I found out that a huge bag is only $1 I had to try it. Most veggie stuff is pretty expensive to purchase, so if this is good it’ll be the most economical way to eat meat-free. Supposedly you can dress it any which way too, so it seems like I’d be versatile. We also spent some time comparing foods we’d tried, and she showed me her fave lunch meat. I told her about the awful Yves turkey slices. She’d already tried that bad fake bacon, but hadn’t ever seen sausage crumbles. It was nice to get someone else’s opinion on this stuff.

I’ll blog tomorrow when I read the label on my foods & find my price lists. . .

What I ate today. . .
6:15 a.m. - tea w/ 1/2 c. milk, banana, 2 slices challah bread w/ two slices cheddar
9 a.m. - slice cinnamon bread
12 noon – tea, 1/2 a wheat bread roll with brie, tomato and lettuce, a slice of wheat bread with a slice of cheddar, half a slice of blue cheese, 3 apple slices, cranberry scone, 2 T Devonshire cream & 2 T jam

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