Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Day 43: Swing Thai Excursion

Workouts. . .
10-minute morning yoga; ran two miles, with cool-down walking and a little stretch; 20 minute walk with the dog; an hour of pilates — according to my SELF log, around 500 calories burned today!

This evening I had 45 minutes between pilates and book club, so Heather and I decided to go out for dinner. I knew this in advance, but I was absolutely starving after my shift at the coffee shop and couldn’t help but get my white mocha to go (a small one) plus pop some popcorn while I was waiting. By the time I got to class, I was still starving, and by the end of class I had that feeling like if I didn’t eat I would be sick but if I did eat I would be sick anyway. Great. We ended up going to Swing Thai, because Heather’s never been there and I do love some Thai food anyway. Heather’s extremely accommodating, very sweet, really, and so we ended up getting three different vegetarian dishes to taste. The shiitake mushroom stir-fry is my staple dish, and then the waiter recommended a tofu dish in garlic sauce, plus we ordered an eggplant and tofu dish that sounded amazing. They all came steaming from the kitchen and smelled and tasted delicious! Plus, since we got three things and the orders there are regular size (not super size), we each have a small takeout container for lunch tomorrow. Mmmmm. Downside to the meal was that I did indeed wait too long to eat and my stomach immediately bloated angrily. I genuinely didn’t pig out — something new for me! — but the combination of eating too late and wearing my tight jeans made for an uncomfortable book club session.

If there are any veggies out there interested in Swing Thai, I know of two Denver locations. One is off of Colorado, between 8th and 10th Streets, and the other is in Highlands near the intersection of 44th and Tennyson. They have a great take-out menu and the Highlands location has a really nice sitting area for staying in. Both locations also have plenty of meat options.

What I ate today. . .
Chai tea mix o’ the day, steel-cut oatmeal with tsp brown sugar and 1/4 c. milk; post-gym breakfast of a toasted whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter and a Clementine; black tea with tsp raw sugar; leftover vegetable enchilada with 1 T each RF sour cream and salsa; 2 coffee tastings at SBUX, with 1” pieces of RF blueberry coffee cake and classic coffee cake to go with flavorings; single espresso with 1/2 raw sugar and 2 T whipped cream; double tall 2p rasp 2 pwhite mocha; half a bag of 100-calorie kettle corn; parts of three amazing thai dishes at Swing Thai in Highlands, followed by a mint.

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