Friday, February 09, 2007

Day 40: The Interview

Workouts. . .
10 minute yoga session.

So today I had an interview with strangers and was oddly embarrassed to explain that I don’t eat meat. It wouldn’t have been weird with friends, I guess, but I was being interviewed for a part-time job at a small pub. Pubs, everyone knows, always serve burgers and sandwiches and junk. I can’t explain why I found it embarrassing to tell these two guys about my eating habits, except that in job-finding you’re usually aiming for common ground and it was remarkably uncommon ground. I didn’t want to lose any small toehold, so I had to admit embarrassment here. And now I’m feeling it was a little weak of me to be embarrassed at all — I’m usually so proud of my oddness. Anyway, my point being that I ordered a side of waffle fries and my side was the same size as their entire plates of food but piles about 4” higher, completely full of fries. I now have a take-out box in my fridge with two days worth of leftover fries. At least they were good. . . .

What I ate today. . .
Black tea with milk, remaining steel-cut oatmeal, an airborne vitamin because I have the sniffles, a Clementine & hard-boiled egg; huge mound of waffle fries with ketchup; iced triple grande 3p rasp 3p white mocha & five leftover squash tortellinis; Taco Bell takeout nachos supreme and a tostada, both with beans and no beef; tall chai.

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