Sunday, February 04, 2007

Day 34 (Feb. 3)

What I ate today. . .
English muffin w/ PB and my usual tea; two slices of French toast with syrup plus hash browns at this little café off Tennyson; all of the bowl of rice pudding Heather gave me, luckily she makes low fat things; small vanilla latte from simple foods; cheese & crackers; two chipotle tacos w/ beans, rice, guac, cheese, sour cream & corn salsa, lots of fresh chips and some more guacamole alongside; big glass of hot tea.

Rewarded myself with good ol’ Chipotle veggie tacos tonight, because I’m doing such an excellent job of being vegetarian AND — probably most importantly — because the veggie tacos at Chipotle are still amazing!

Workouts. . .
One hour of really difficult pilates. Wanted to die.

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