Thursday, January 11, 2007

Day 10

(January 10)

This was the first day of my period, and I am coping okay so far. I have to tell you that usually during this time, I am gorging myself on Chipotle chicken tacos, a huge staple in my comfort food repertoire. I also really enjoy a good chili or pot roast or stew around this time, punctuated by roasted turkey sandwiches with melted cheese a la Spicy Pickle. I am imagining it now.

Today I had a very stressful interview for a full-time job at the Denver Museum of Science and Nature. It didn’t start out to be stressful, but apparently the woman thought I was arriving an hour later, so she was unprepared and the whole thing felt rushed. Being on my period as I am, it was such a defeating moment that I climbed in my car and headed for Starbucks. Somehow a good chai settles me down okay if I can’t have a giant platter of pad thai from this little place off of Colorado Boulevard. Luckily the Starbucks is only two doors down from where I wanted to be going, so it wasn’t hard to fool myself. I also picked up bagels while I was there, just to get a huge warm sandwich going for dinner that might allow me to feel empowered that I skipped Spicy Pickle.

I attended a book club meeting this evening, which was a nice change of pace. Luckily for me, the snacks provided were of Persian origins, hummus and falafel, pear tart and cream puffs, so I didn’t need to assert my meat-free lifestyle, replete with lecture. Not that I actually have a lecture. We read “Reading Lolita in Tehran,” which has been amazing so far. I was asked to join the club a long time ago, but didn’t get around to reading the book until the library copy was available last week. I then realized it wasn’t going to be a quick read, and I’m still on page 160. It’s fascinating reading, though, and terrifying.

What I ate today. . .
Triple grande 3p white mocha with 1p peppermint syrup, a banana, yogurt, grande chai, asiago bagel with cream cheese, tomato, lettuce, cucumber and chips, a falafel, slice of pear tart along with some extra crust (the best part), one giant cream puff, tea.

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