Thursday, January 11, 2007


I am finding myself really missing the meat this week, not that I haven’t been bit by bit. But here I am on my period, craving some of my favorite comfort foods and unable to eat them. It’s like dieting and really craving a chocolate bar, except that in my line of vision there are about 350 days between me and my end goal. Stretches out to be a very long time.

On the upside, I subscribed to Self magazine this week and am now allowed access to their diet site. While I'm not pleased that it's called a "diet" site, I am happy that I'll be able to track my protein levels and understand better when I'm eating enough to be full. I've noticed a trend in binging on carbs or perhaps overeating proteins to make up for meat when I'm not choosing the best proteins? I don't know. I'm going to test it out and see how painful it is to keep such a detailed log.

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