Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Orange and Oat Scones, Take 1

The crumbly little boogers.

My weakness for scones parlayed into an early test run of this recipe, which I'd originally scheduled to coincide with visiting holiday guests. Thankfully my greed got the best of me, as these did not turn out. I mean, yes, they tasted good. So in a sense they're fine. But in the super fluffy, light scone sense, the baking sheet of crumbs I pulled from the oven was not really fine at all. Unexpected. The recipe, printed in My Nepenthe by Romney Steele, has garnered a bit of food blogger attention.

This relative failure has me convinced the weather is ruining my scones. You'd think the cooler temperatures would be condusive to the already-rushed process of mixing chilled ingredients, yet it seems to keep the butter so cool that the mixture never gels. Unless I knead it, which isn't recommended. So, for now, I've got my eye on this Heidi Swanson adaptation, hoping the buttermilk substitution will resurrect the dough into unified, solid scones.

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