Friday, November 13, 2009

Jam Coffee Cake is genius!

Wanna use up the dregs of two or three remaining jam jars, currently hogging valuable refrigerator space? Do I hear you screaming in the affirmative? Oh yes, this is the easiest way to do it. First, make your favorite coffee cake recipe (I prefer the easy peasy Martha Stewart one in her baking book). Second, swirl in the jams at intervals — make it pretty! I used blueberry, strawberry and pear jams to make mine. Third, bake it. Fourth, eat it yourself and cut up squares to send with your husband to his office on Friday morning (or Monday, either way they'll love you).

Seriously, this was delicious and easy AND I have more shelf space now, which is a pre-holiday imperative!

Oh so pretty!

1 comment:

Andrew, Autumn, Samantha, Makaela, Sir William, and Mr. Theodore said...

Your Jam Coffee Cake looks fabulous! Thanks for your kind words of encouragement and for the prayers! They are truly appreciated. I hope you all have a wonderful the looks of it, the food will be amazing. God bless!!!


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