Friday, January 02, 2009

The Great Pasta Sandwich

Mmmm carb overload. I am aware of the danger. But this becomes irrelevant at, ahem, certain times in a girl's cycle. Plus, I got these hamburger buns from the local market and they were just pillowy soft in the perfect way. So I was already craving them, and then I saw leftover pasta with olive & artichoke tapenade smirking at me from the top shelf. What's a girl to do? Here's what: toast up a bun and slather it with butter and garlic salt, then pile on reheated pasta, sprinkle with parmesan and eat.

Not a dish I planned, but it was exactly what I was craving — smooshy, garlicky bread with salty pasta and oozy cheese. A feast this laden with adjectives must be good, right? Cheers to taking some culinary risks in 2009!

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