Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Warning: Cute Measuring Cups May Cause Disaster

I was so rapt with glee at the sight of these gorgeous measuring cups on sale at Anthropologie, picturing my friends excitement at unwrapping these beauties over the holidays, that I failed to notice their enormous size. Having baked for so long, I should know better. But I waited until I got all the way home and was wrapping them up before I truly looked at the proportions.

The photos show my metal measuring cups nested inside of the corresponding cup size of the pretty-but-inaccurate ceramics. The one cup measure is nearly 1.5 cups, and it goes on from there. The 1/4 cup is the best, only about 2 tablespoons off.

They're still adorable, if you're looking for sweet countertop displays. But functional they're not. In case you got them for Christmas and are wondering why nothing seems to turn out right, this time it's truly not your fault.

1 comment:

Nancy B said...

Disappointing, seeing as I got a set of these for Christmas. Maybe I can use them as decoration instead of functional. They ARE sweet.


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