Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Day 2

(For January 2, posted late)

My sister arrived yesterday with her boyfriend to visit. Boyfriend was only staying overnight and then flying to his new navy base in Cali, and so we felt we should take them to dinner while they were together. I didn’t get off work until 5:30, which was too late to then go get groceries and fight the throngs. The happy couple chose to eat at The Olive Garden, not my favorite, but definitely a throw-back to old family dinners out. (We didn’t use to have much choice in the matter. It was TOG or Taco Bell or Mike’s Pizza, a local joint where pizza was made with the square slices of American cheese.)

TOG had a short wait, and then we were ushered to a crowded room complete with a crying baby. Luckily for me, TOG is one of those Italian places where there are several vegetarian choices. I haven’t been there in ages, so I was sort-of craving my old-time favorite fettucine. Or at least, I talked myself into craving it after I saw this beautiful five-cheese stuffed rotini with blackened chicken number on the front of the menu insert. O-M-G, it looked amazing. And boyfriend ordered it right away, and then George ordered chicken parmesan, and then sister ordered garlic chicken con broccoli. So I added broccoli to make my fettucine interesting, rather than a huge white plate of food. Then I glutted on salad, because that’s what I truly love about TOG. I’m sure it’s absolutely horrible for you, but they have the best salad. And to offer a re-fillable salad bowl is an absolutely great amenity when faced with today’s obesity crises. I mean, obviously eating too much of anything is bad, but it’s usually just refills on bread in most restaurants. Salad is a better option if you’re going to stuff yourself with anything.

There were moments of extreme jealousy, as I saw everyone’s food displayed in front of them, picture perfect chunks of chicken staring at me. And also when I heard that boyfriend ate chicken tacos at Chipotle for lunch. Favorite. But I also cleaned out the refrigerator of anything meat-filled that was mine, meaning too healthful for George to be eating, and I feel ready to start this thing.

What I ate today. . . .
A nice piece of leftover birthday cheesecake for breakfast, an orange, a grapefruit, 2 scones w/ a spoonful of lemon curd, half a tall peppermint mocha, a venti chai w/ whip, 2 plates of TOG salad, 2 breadsticks, and half a plate of fettuccine alfredo w/ broccoli

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